What Our Clients Say

We are grateful for the trust and confidence that our clients invest in us and are proud to offer the following statements reflecting their views and the outcomes they’ve achieved as a result or our relationships with them:

“The essence of great coaching is the ability of the coach to “stand for your success” and Doug has an extraordinary talent for knowing how to do this successfully.  He has repeatedly confirmed his skill in knowing how to offer crucial feedback in a way that it can be heard and fully utilized by the people he’s coaching.  I give Doug and his team of coaches my full endorsement.

What sold me on hiring Doug to coach my executive team was the overwhelming recommendation of our Operations Manager who had great results by using Doug and his coaching team to advance the development of her nursing executives.  Doug had already validated his reputation with her teams and that helped to convince me that my executives would also embrace the coaching experience with Doug and his team of coaches.

I have had lots of experience over the past 10 years with executive and team coaching, and I’ve learned that it’s essential for the coaching to be viewed as an opportunity for growth and development instead of as a top-down decision thrust upon employees.  Doug embodies this philosophy by gaining the trust and personal involvement of participants. Two of my favorite aspects of Doug’s approach are that he begins by assisting clients in identifying goals that are truly meaningful to their growth and success – goals that can make a vital difference in their performance. Secondly, I have found it most beneficial that Doug insists that his clients recruit and regularly use stakeholders as accountability partners who care about their success.  I have been exceptionally pleased with the very positive outcomes and the return on my company’s investment – my executives have both enjoyed the training and coaching experiences with Doug and have grown into stronger leaders as a result.

Doug can’t be beat when it comes to fully engaging and empowering his audience.

As the key speaker for our executive teams’ “Ignite” sessions, his enthusiastic delivery of significant information turned a somewhat reluctant audience into full believers in the power of great leadership! Doug opens the minds of people to seek and embrace opportunities for growth and development.   It’s clear that Doug knows how to develop and deliver dynamic messages that are always relevant and energize change.

When I am asked by colleagues for recommendations for a leadership coach or trainer, Doug and his team are always the first to come to mind.  McKinley Leadership gets my highest praise for leadership training and coaching to advance the growth and development of individuals and executive teams. It’s clear that Doug knows how to develop and deliver dynamic messages that are always relevant and energize change.”


– David Fox, President, 2010 Baldrige Award Recipient Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, Chicago.


“In business of course we always have to balance the cost of investment dollars with the expected outcome, so that was also true of my organization when it came to the funding and approval for hiring Doug as an Executive Coach to develop my leadership skills.

The payoff was extraordinary!  The 2-day deep dive was an incredible start to Doug’s value based process that included specific tools, practical wisdom, structured discipline, accountability and encouragement!  I gained insight and made changes that were absolutely aligned with my boss’s expectations and company’s goals – and my improvements were significantly rewarded by the performance feedback I got from my boss!

“I’ve worked with a lot of great people in my career and Doug gets my highest recommendation: he is the best, has an incredible range of capability and talent, and I feel privileged and honored to know and work with him.  Doug’s leadership development program was the only serious plan that I’ve been able to follow through with and it’s made a huge difference in how I focus on my life as whole – both personally and professionally!”

Robert Golian – Vice President, HR, Nestle HealthCare Nutrition, Inc

“Before hiring Doug as a Coach and Consultant, I knew his special talents and understood the potential benefits to our organization.   However, it had been the long-standing philosophy of our company not to hire external coaches.  But we took the leap anyway and what we got crushed our initial reluctance to go outside the company for executive coaching:  the ROI and our very positive results far exceeded our expectations!


Doug raised our awareness of what it really takes to excel as a leader!  One of the things I liked best about working with Doug was that he did this by taking a very personalized, down-to-earth and interactive approach:  he tailored applications to meet our needs, made it relevant to our organization and taught us how to performance manage more skillfully.  He helped us identify gaps in addition to offering possible solutions. The outcomes included the greatly improved performance of our managers and sales teams while also increasing the satisfaction and retention of our employees – a critical combination!

We could not have evolved without Doug and the TMG team.  I absolutely recommend Doug and TMG Leadership to any group that’s ready to build a healthier, more successful and congenial organization!”

- David Widdel – Chase Business Banking, National Client Services Executive

Recently my Clinical Coordinators and I, attended a ‘Courageous Conversations’ training session you (Marcie Stern, McKinley Leadership Senior Consultant) taught at our hospital.  It was a 4 hour session that made a powerful impact in our role as a management
group.  I didn’t recognize at first, how influential the take away lessons from the training session were, until I found myself applying the techniques and knowledge we discovered as a group – daily.  The best
thing is we are having fun with the take away lessons.

There were two things I must mention I will probably use until I retire.  One was finding out our personality types on the ‘people map’ exercise.  Oh the fun we’ve had with that – but more importantly the insight it has given us to having those ‘courageous conversations’ and using the knowledge to work as a team.  It really works.

On a personal note, I took away the words I needed to start several ‘courageous conversations’ I have been putting off for too long a time.  The words were simply, ”What I want from this conversation is your
success.”  This worked for me because it was a true statement – and repeating it was believable to the recipient.  It also gave me a sense of accomplishment, that I may have made a positive difference in someone’s work performance and possibly in their career.

Thanks you so much for all the ‘take-away’ tools, knowledge, and fun.  It was a great learning experience.

- Georgette (Gigi) Carne, RN BSN – Northwest Community Hospital, Manager, Labor/Delivery

“One of the greatest executive benefits I’ve had the honor to receive is my Executive Coaching experience with Doug.  Even with a demanding schedule, there is always time to just call Doug and say ‘it’s time to meet”. What I most appreciate is the one-on-one coaching sessions with Doug – he knows my history, my values and what I want to achieve, and his coaching sessions help me determine new action steps to try based on all of those considerations.

The 2-day “deep dive” with Doug taught me the importance of understanding core values: I learned how to align my goals and behaviors with my values, and how to change old habits that could get in the way of my success.  While some may have the misconception that executive coaching is focused on correcting bad performance, I see it as an honor to be selected by my company who wants to invest in my growth and development.  As a result of my positive experiences with Doug and executive coaching, my organization has now hired the McKinley Leadership Group to assist us in creating a more synergistic team.

I absolutely without hesitation recommend Doug as an executive and leadership coach. I know my work with Doug has made me a far more effective leader.  I am more aware of my personality traits and how to adapt while also staying true to my values – and an added benefit is that I’ve been able to apply the experience and knowledge in both my professional and personal life.”

- Trish Anen, Vice President Clinical Services, Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council


“I am so impressed with Doug’s teaching style – he is a masterful trainer that knows how to listen and then tailor training to make it unique and relevant to my organization’s goals.  He excels at training – both in developing valuable content and in delivering material powerfully and interactively.  Doug’s training model is first-rate: he includes both demonstration and student practice which solidifies the learning gained from class discussion and written materials.  This experiential component to the learning has been key to making it possible for us to apply the new concepts and skills immediately on the job.  McKinley Leadership programs have had a tremendous impact on my teams; the feedback of my employees has always been overwhelmingly positive and the outcomes have exceeded my expectations.”

Doug and his team deliver high-caliber research based training with continued follow-up. This is NOT the typical “off-the-shelf” training!  It speaks volumes that I have hired Doug many times to provide coach training to several organizations and groups that I have led.  I consistently recommend Doug to other companies interested in leadership and coach training.  Doug and McKinley Leadership are absolutely my first choice for coach training.”

- Dr. Kevin Middleton, Psy.D., Chief Operations Manager, Mental Health Network (MHnetwork.com)