We are a unique blend of talent, expertise, and commitment with an extensive track record of successfully meeting the needs of our clients.

Andy Kindler, RLC
Managing Partner

Helps boards navigate succession planning, and develop CEO candidates [read more...]

Mary Sue Campbell, MSMOB
Senior Consultant

Meets you where you are at and then stretches your thinking and actions beyond your natural reach. [read more...]

Sandria Simmons, RCC, RLC
Senior Consultant

Designs and implements leadership development initiatives that grow talent [read more...]

Richard Denning, RLC
Senior Consultant

Focuses on practical, actionable strategies to improve leadership and get results [read more...]

Jim Shalley, Psy.D.
Senior Consultant
Adam Mock, LCS
Senior Consultant

Develops a "What Box?" mentality, to inspire divergent thinking leadership [read more...]

Nancy Karasek
Senior Consultant

Creates value for her clients by pinpointing and professionally developing the unique qualities, strengths and preferences [read more...]

Joe McLennan
Senior Consultant

Engages with individuals seeking to determine where “their deep gladness meets the world’s deep hunger” and with organizations striving to know and execute what is “uniquely theirs to do.” [read more...]

Marj Maurer
Senior Consultant

Using her extensive experience in healthcare operations coupled with her ability to apply theory to practice makes her a credible partner to clients in any industry when organizations want to develop individuals into strong transformational leaders, build dynamic teams, or create their desired cultures of excellence. [read more...]

Diane Sakach
Senior Consultant

Drawing on 25 years of experience as a business executive, Diane understands corporate leaders, the cultures they work in and the challenges they face. As a leadership coach, she is known for her straightforward, insightful approach to helping leaders maximize their potential and achieve results. Diane engages clients in a process of assessment, challenge and support to solidify who they are as a leader, what they want to achieve and how to go about it in a way that is authentic, engaging and fulfilling. . [read more...]