MBTI Certified Logo (PMS)_hiresYou heard Mary Sue discuss the benefits of the Myers-Briggs assessment on        Moody Midday Radio

Now it’s time to see it in ACTION!

Instructions to take the assessment:

The investment for the MBTI assessment with personalized Feedback is $200. This includes the online assessment with computer generated report, as well as a scheduled 45 minute feedback session with the participant via phone. Click the button below to purchase the MBTI II assessment with Feedback Session. You will receive the link to take the online assessment via email within 1 business day.  After the assessment has been completed, our staff will contact you to schedule the 45 minute feedback session.

 I want to take the MBTI II and receive Feedback 

world-of-booksComplimentary Resources:

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Coaching Transformational Leaders with MBTI