The Leadership Mousetrap

83066064Author: Dr. Doug McKinley | Published: Aug 13, 2014

Have you ever thought about leadership being like a giant mousetrap?

Sometimes I observe leaders who are so intent on doing “leadership deeds” that they are unaware of who they are affecting and why. Leadership experts maintain that leadership is influence, but they aren’t as clear about who and what we should influence people toward.

My concern is that the trap is set for leaders to lead toward something rather than because of something. We erroneously lead for the attainment of goals rather than paving the way to a better future. What does leading toward goals get us? Does it get us another trophy, another milestone, another dollar? Is that what brings fulfillment as a leader?

I intuit that the leadership mechanism may be flawed. If you are moving into leadership, be vigilant of why you are doing so and whom you are affecting. Ask yourself what “cause” fuels your desire to lead. I tend to think the be-CAUSE is us.

People are the reason we lead. We lead to rally and inspire each other, to support, encourage, and celebrate the wins. People and their lives are what matter, not the cheese. So ask your self, what cheese are you chasing?