Leading a team or organization can be difficult. It requires masterful skills to do it effectively.

With a unique, one-on-one approach, Xcellero Leadership provides the conversation that allows leaders to lead more intentionally. Our various programs for individuals enable learning and development, thus accelerating improvement and increased self-awareness. Below are just a few of many customizable services Xcellero Leadership has to offer.

Get Energized! Take this jump into our highly sought after executive coaching experience. With quick start up and igniting potential, JOLT is perfect for all motivated leaders.

Take The Plunge! Dive deep into transformational leader coaching that yields sustainable growth and results. DIVE features high levels of accountability and provides leaders the time and space to implement desired and needed changes.

Reach Your Peak! SUMMIT is a one-on-one coaching retreat over a two-day period designed to identify core leadership competencies and develop a strategic plan for continued personal development. Contact us for more information and to find out how we can partner with your leader.

Design your Transition! When faced with a career transition individuals have an opportunity to examine where their passions, interests and competencies align. This intersection is the ideal career path to take, yet often it is never explored. We believe spending time with a coach to calibrate, reflect and refocus on one’s career is invaluable before launching toward something new. We offer three unique opportunities for assessing career directions and designing change in a leader’s career trajectory. Each will provide just the right amount of reflection time depending on the individual’s needs at the time of their TRANSITION.

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