Xcellero Leadership’s philosophy for our Ignite Sessions begins with understanding that all learning requires internalization of the information before application will take place. Our training programs are intentionally designed to encourage continuous learning in leadership. Training teams get results by strategically using applied learning techniques. All training programs include practice opportunities that anchor new learning.

Intelligent Communication targets employees’ awareness into their communication patterns. Through the use of an assessment tool they are given a quadrant analysis of typical patterns of interacting with others and themselves. Participants identify the strengths and weaknesses of their unique behavioral profile and how others might perceive them in the workplace.

Discovering Emotional Intelligence focuses on how employees can benefit from understanding and enhancing their emotional intelligence. During this presentation the speaker will define and explain the rapid interest in emotional intelligence. This will be a very informative and encouraging workshop that will address emotional intelligence in the workplace. Participants will learn how emotional intelligence can be developed to enhance workplace  performance and enjoyment.

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Below are just a few training topics we offer. Contact us for a complete list of sessions.

Intelligent Communication
Discovering Emotional Intelligence
Strengths Based Leadership
Employee Engagement
Time Mastery
Courageous Conversations
Inside-Out Leadership