Group Leadership Development

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a cost effective and creative way to create momentum in leader development.  Xcellero Leadership consultants have found that by assembling a small group of people a unique form of development can occur.  By using group dynamics as leverage, participants of coaching groups can increase leader awareness and ensuing effectiveness.

“A small group process throughout which there is the application of coaching principles for the purposes of personal or professional development, the achievement of goals or greater self awareness, along thematic or non -thematic lines”  ~Jenifer Britton

Team Coaching

The recent research and literature on team dynamics indicate the team performance can and does create extra ordinary results.  Team coaching is a formal and targeted form of group coaching.  Most executive teams who are successful have found ways to become efficient operationally. Few leadership teams have achieved synergy and collaboration that leads them to innovation and peak performance.

Find out how we have already impacted executive leadership teams with our proven team coaching process.

Team Dynamics Snapshot Experience™

This diagnostic experience will help your team members discover their effectiveness and the gap between “as is” and “should be” performance.  Learn more

Training Workshops

To equip your leaders to meet the specific challenges they face, Xcellero Leadership offers half or full-day workshops with opportunities to practice and anchor learning. Click here for training solutions available