Employee engagement is rapidly becoming a high priority for every growing organization. Because of the unprecedented economic times, employees are directed to work more, do it faster, and with less resources.

Go Positive! Lead to Engage® is designed for leaders who wish to receive insights about themselves and their skills as they pertain to the workplace. The tools in this workshop provide leaders with a new perspective on how their own attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors can create a work environment that either fosters engaged employees, or contributes to their lack of engagement. The workshop provides the awareness, alignment, and, finally, action that leaders can follow to engage their employees. It is designed to help an entire group “Go Positive,” as they become engaged and focused on the organization’s goals. 

This insightful training session will teach participants universal engagement principles and guide them through exercises that will assist them in becoming and staying fully engaged in meaningful work.

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Understanding the 9 Go Positive! Principles

 Learn how to implement principles in practical workplace situations

 Practice skills for mentoring and developing engagement in others