Employee Engagement

The days of punching your timecard are dissipating and much of the workforce is transitioning well.  Gallup identifies these well-adjusted employees as ‘actively engaged’.  However, many more are becoming what Gallup describes as ‘actively disengaged’ employees.  Watch the video below to discover more about employee engagement.  Then, talk with us about helping employees shift into full engagement in the blog comment section below.

Inside Out Leadership

Leadership is not simply a combination of excellent and skilled behaviors, it is a state of being.  Becoming a leader begins with the values and beliefs of the individual first.  Select the video link below to watch this 3 minute video then tell us what core values are the platform for your leadership in the comment section below.


Ask Yourself

You want to set yourself apart as a leader, be more effective and authentic.  In this video blog, you’ll discover that taking responsibility for your actions can propel you toward top-notch leadership.  We’re not saying this is easy, in fact its one of the tougher aspects of leadership.   Many people refuse to take responsibility despite the consequences as you’ll hear in the example describe in the video.

Let’s hear your success stories!  When did you take responsibility for your actions and reap benefits?


2nd Annual World Business and Executive Coach Summit

Getting results is important for your team and for your individual career.  However, your individual agenda can often keep your team from achieving its highest potential.  Watch the video below and be challenged to make the team your priority.

We’d like to hear from you!  What are the biggest distractions in making the team your priority?  Tell us in the comment section below.


This is the final video in a 5 part series based on Patrick Lencioni’s 5 dysfunctions of a team.  Follow the links below to watch the other videos in this series.

Watch the first video blog in this series:  xcellero.com/leadership/trust/
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2nd Annual World Business and Executive Coach Summit

In the last three blog posts, Dr. Doug McKinley encouraged viewers to examine their behavior concerning Trust, Conflict and Commitment in the workplace.  These are the first three dysfunctions of a team identified by Patrick Lencioni.  If you missed these videos, find their links below the video.

Now, he’s addressing Accountability and the positive effect it can have on your team.  After watching, tell us your accountability success stories in comments section below.

Watch the first video blog in this series:  xcellero.com/leadership/trust/
Watch the second video blog in this series:  xcellero.com/leadership/conflict/
Watch the third video blog in this series:  xcellero.com/leadership/commitment/


2nd Annual World Business and Executive Coach Summit

Commitment to decision-making and honest flow of discussion are important components of a thriving executive leadership team. Dr. Doug McKinley discusses this third dysfunction of a team identified by Patrick Lencioni. Watch and be encouraged to better understand your commitment to your team.  If you missed the first two blogs in this series, see the links below this video.

We want to hear from you.  Talk to us on our LinkedIn Group (click here) and discuss the questions posed at the end of the video: What is the impact of not showing up in a meeting and complaining about it later?


Video Blog 1:  Trust
Video Blog 2:  Conflict


Conflict is unavoidable, especially in the workplace. Productive and effective teams address it in a healthy way.  This video blog will encourage you to effectively face conflict in the workplace.  Join the discussion on the LinkedIn group called McKinley Leadership and tell us about the workplace conflict with which you struggle.

If you and your team need help addressing conflict in the workplace, talk to us about doing a one-day workshop on conflict in the workplace.  Contact us


This is the second of 5 video blogs in a series where Doug McKinley discusses the 5 dysfunctions of a team identified by Patrick Lencioni. If you missed the first one on Trust, watch by clicking here.


The first of 5 video blogs, Trust is based on Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. We’d like to hear your reaction to the bold challenge in this blog.  So, after you’ve watched, tell us how you’re going to choose trust by visiting our LinkedIn group.

Becoming an Expert

Dr. Doug McKinley references Outliers:  The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell in a brief discussion on the road to becoming an expert.  Have you put in the hours necessary to become an expert in your field?  Watch this short video and reflect on the path to excellence; some of you may need to realize how far you’ve come, other may need to realize you can’t take shortcuts to greatness.  Afterwards, tell us where you are in your journey and in what field on our LinkedIn Group.