Adam Mock
Senior Leadership Development   |   Xcellero Leadership, Inc

Adam Mock is a certified leadership coaching specialist, COO of Medallion Media Group and serves on the board of directors for Triple Threat Mentoring.

Adam Mock is a creative and authentic leadership coach. He has demonstrated extraordinary leadership influence serving as president and director of operations of a publishing company, trusted board member, and inventor. His creative endeavors have earned award winning authorship of two books and his artwork has been featured on many book covers, company logo’s, and numerous marketing expressions.

Adam has a unique ability to see things that other leaders don’t. Using intuition and technology, Adam became the chief architect of a groundbreaking new reading format called the TREEbook, which organically branches the readers’ story based on their reading habits. With his gift for innovation, creativity, and project management, Adam recognized that his talents are seemlessly transferable to the coaching and people development arena.

Adam especially enjoys inspirational based speaking. He is an articulate communicator and storyteller. In addition to being a keynote specialist, he is a natural MC, host, or panel interviewer. His stage presence is authentic and refreshingly honest.

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